When money is lost nothing much is lost, When health is lost something is lost. But when character is lost everything is lost.
  1. Proper school uniform. (Anything outside the prescribed uniform will not be allowed and students will be immediately sent home to change. No excuses shall be entertained)
  2. Decent hair style and cut. All girl students should have two braided hair with white ribbons. (No hair colouring. Applicable to both boys and girls)
  3. Cleanliness to be maintained always.
  4. Shabbily dressed or shirt sticking outside or trousers falling below the hips will not be allowed.
  5. Frequently coming late to school will not be accepted.
  6. Students must not bring their private playthings like, cricket bat, basketball, football etc. to school
  7. Valuables of any kind mainly expensive jewellery/watches/mobiles must not be worn or brought in to school.
  8. Only if necessary and permission granted from home students may carry little money.
  9. No errands for boarder students.
  10. Mobile phones, food or eatables must not be brought in to school.
  11. School notices must be delivered to parents.
  12. Bus-goers must strictly follow the transport rules.
  13. The second trip bus students must stay inside class and do their home works or study.
  14. Loitering or hanging around the coffee shops outside the school is strictly prohibited.
  15. Using foul language, abusing and fighting will be severely dealt by the school authorities. (It may lead to expulsion as well)
  16. Any breach of serious mis-conduct, transfer certificate will be issued.
It is hoped that students will follow all rules and regulations and help oneself in making him / her befitting to be called a Brihaspatian.

“Let us make a good habit of paying bill on time”