Course Structure

The Ten plus Two program at Brihaspati is run with affiliation from the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Government of Nepal. The primary focus is to maintain a centre of excellence supplying the versatile needs of today’s dynamic learner. Brihaspati places strong emphasis on the learner, promoting an unique student centred approach to all aspects of its teaching and learning. The higher secondary program has been conducting courses in 10+2 for the last 15 years. Brihaspati offers courses in Science and Management for the Ten plus Two program. Your education, co-curricular activities, personal development and tutorials will be planned to target your career orientation and future goals. BVS High is committed to its mission of individual recognition. So its intake is very limited for the Ten plus Two program including both Science and Management streams. The Ten plus Two courses at Brihaspati are offered as per the courses offered by HSEB. Brihaspati offers two streams – Science and Management along with Hotel Management as option for Management and Computer Science as option for both Science and Management students. In its Ten plus Two program, Brihaspati has been looking at an approach to education that goes beyond the traditional classroom learning, practised in Nepal today, to one that looks at providing a holistic education. In this approach students get to explore their own potentials and possibilities which can be achieved by close cooperation. Brihaspati is looking at ways of preparing the students for future challenges of the world. In this context all Brihaspati students will be introduced to Social Learning as part of their course. Social Learning is all about observing, doing and absorbing good to transform oneself. If positive, the transformation is rewarding to individual as well as the society. With this course students will get real world knowledge and life skills. Brihaspati is also looking at using activities and presentation for learning. In this regards all students are required to participate in activities like paper plane making, paper bridge, etc… and rendering presentations. Courses for Science (Class XI) Compulsory English Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology/ Computer Courses for Science (Class XII) Compulsory English Compulsory Nepali Mathematics or Biology Physics Chemistry Courses for Management (Class XI) Compulsory English – I Compulsory Nepali Accounting Business Studies/ Computer/ Hotel Management – I Economics – I Courses for Management (Class XII) Compulsory English – II Accounting – II Business Studies/ Computer/ Hotel Management – II Economics – II Business Mathematics or Marketing