Brihaspati Vidyasadan

Brihaspati VidyaSadan, the School, was established in 1985 AD. Since then it has grown to become one of the best schools in Nepal.The school is located in Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal within the Balmandir compound and occupies over 160,000 sq.m of area (30 ropanis). The school is well facilitated with ample classrooms and recreational areas including 2 basketball courts, 1 football field, and separate playground for small children. The school has 2 libraries and 2 computer labs. The school also houses FOSS Training and Research Center. Currently Brihaspati runs classes from classes Nursery to 12. In total there are over 1500 students currently studying in the school and over 1600 have already passed their SLC from the school. Brihaspati, the name, is derived from Brihaspati, the Hindu Teacher of the Gods. VidyaSadan means place of learning. So the School’s name literally means the place of learning of Brihaspati. Brihaspati Vidyasadan has been offering from Nursery class to class 10 for the last 26 years, 10+2 course in Management for the last 15 years and within the last 3 years has added 10+2 Science program. With its available physical facility and its expertise in running educational institution Brihaspati hopes to introduce higher level courses, specially at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level in the IT and Management streams within the shortest time possible. Brihaspati is ranked among the tops schools in Nepal and has been a recipient of Birendra Shield (awarded by the Government of Nepal to the school judged best in the country). Along with this Brihaspati has won a lot of accolades over its history in academics, sports and other activities. Brihaspati takes active interest in social services as part of its existence. The school, students and its Alumni have active participation in social service activities including community school management (Brihaspati manages 3 community schools for the under-privileged), school building, rebuilding projects and fund raising for educational purposes. Minisanity and Lokopar, two student social services group at the school, have been recognized in Kathmandu as a model for student’s personal development. Recently they were credited by Sarbodaya International (Sri Lanka based INGO) for their effort to secure a donation grant of USD 100,000 for rebuilding a school in rural Nepal. Brihaspati also helps run an organization called “Thoughts for Superb Living”, an institution dedicated to instilling moral values across the communities in Nepal. Brihaspati is actively involved in research and training activities for school level as well as other areas including IT in education and Physics. It houses the only Free and Open Source Research and Training Lab which is involved in creating human resource pool for technological innovations and research for delivery of education in rural areas using IT. Currently Brihaspati is working National Academy for Science and Technology in Nepal to research into ways of teaching and learning Science for high school students. The school encompasses a total area of 32 ropanis or 16,285 sq. m. of area that is surrounded by woods and greenery. The campus lies at the heart of Kathmandu city and accessible by roads on all four sides with public transportation facility available for over 16 hours a day. Brihaspati houses one of the largest compounds for any school or college with the proper Kathmandu area. The school area consists of 3 main buildings (with a total capacity for 2000 students) and the dining and hostels facilities. Besides the classrooms, the school consist of :
  • 2 computer labs (one of which the the first open source computing lab and research facility in Nepal)
  • 3 halls (1 of 400 capacity, 1 of 200 capacity and 1 of about 60)
  • 2 libraries (1 for secondary and 1 for high school levels)
  • 4 labs for Science education
  • and more facilities for student’s co-curricular activities
For Sports and recreation the school area consists of:
  • 1 Football / Cricket ground
  • 3 Cricket Practice pitch
  • 3 Badminton courts
  • 2 Basketball courts
  • Ample Space for indoor activities